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Outdoor/Indoor Vegetable Seeding Guide for Manitoba

Planting Guide for Manitoba Planting a vegetable garden is not hard, but without careful planning and proper follow through, your garden may perform poorly. Soil Preparation Soils should not be prepared for planting when too wet or too dry. If soil sticks to your shoes or shovel, it is too wet. Press a small amount […]

Genetically Engineered Foods Cross Canada Speakers’ Tour

Hi Everyone! I am very excited to announce the upcoming events occurring right here in Manitoba! Here is your chance to get some answers (straight from the horse’s mouth…so to speak) of where GE is at in your foods and what the “industry” is up to regarding your food safety and your personal health. I […]

Brandon Seedy Saturday 2014

Hi Everyone! Another grand event has returned, to help Manitoba gardeners warm up from the cold! And to help them gather their seeds once again, for spring planting. Brandon’s Seedy Saturday will be held April 5th, from 10 AM till 4 PM. Location: 327 8th Street  Brandon, MB @ the Central United Church. Please contact […]

Helter skelter…to a shelter! ….Jan. 5, 2014

OMG! I cannot remember weather like this! For the last 4 weeks, we here in Manitoba, have been experiencing some of the most severe cold temperatures I have ever seen. The last time I remember -38C and -40C was in the 60′s ! I can still hear the snow bank surface “crunching” under my boots […]

Seedy Updates! …….Jan.1, 2014

Hi everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 ! Would you believe I have had the most quiet Holiday Season ever??!! No rushing around, preparing for the spring. No hunting down more new seed varieties! No worry if I will ever get it all done! Wow! This feels great! Just letting ya’ll know that the majority of […]

Some old friends have re-surfaced!……Sept.28, 2013

I am in the process of planning a new direction for my future. (Truth be told…can I ever completely get away from plants??!) We ALL know the answer to that! AND it will FINALLY involve ALPINES! Hurrah! I have asked my “faithful” and great website manager to develop ANOTHER fantastic ALPINE website for me. I […]

And What About those Remaining Seeds?…June 30th, 2013

2014 will be the 25th year of operation for our vegetable seed business. Ok Folks. I think I had better give you all some instructions where my leftover seeds are concerned. Please read carefully Starting October 15th, 2013 our website will be offering SMALL gardener sized packets of seeds. This means: tomato seed packets will […]

Final Plant Report…..June 21, 2013

Before I digress too far…I am pleased to announce that we had a fantastic year…a fine finish and tribute to heritage plant sales! End of season inventory: 3 tomato plants (from 2800), 8 pots of lettuces, 16 pots of winter squash, 9 pots of pumpkins, 4 pots of white sunflowers, 16 eggplants, 15 pots of […]

The Last Marathon has been Run!….May 22, 2013

Hi folks! Is it…or is it not warming up? The way I progressed through the various huge jobs that I had to do, was refer to them as “marathons”. So if I had to (by hand…) fill 2500 pots with dirt, it was classed as a “marathon #2″. When I had to seed out my […]

The End is Near…………..April 24th, 2013

Nothings brings one’s head around like good old fashioned stress! Only this time it is different… In the last couple of months, I have been coupled with some new challenges. My parents are getting old. My wonderful Mom is 80 this year and my Dad is 89. They have done quite well for their age […]

Attention ALL Alfalfa Farmers & Growers! …April 3,2013

Dear MP Farmers have called for a national day of action to stop the introduction of genetically modified alfalfa. In Winnipeg, we are participating with a film screening of “ The World According to Monsanto” , followed by a discussion panel. This will take place at the Convocation room of the University of Winnipeg on […]

I Couldn’t have Said it Better Myself! ….March 19, 2013

I received this gut wrenching, heart felt comment, in response to my Blog “Manitobans’ don’t care where their food comes from”. May I also add…it is also from another Manitoban, like myself. This lady says it like it is. Please read on! “A few years ago I was selling garden veggies at a local farmer’s […]

For Your Eyes Only…….Mar.4, 2013

There has been a lot of “clean up” work done in our Tomato section this year 2013. I have dropped quite a few that did not seem to impress me no matter how many times I re-grew them. Either they did not match their descriptions or just simply would not perform well in our environment […]

Signs of Spring! ……..March 1, 2013

Hi Everyone! I can hardly believe it! Where did the winter go? It is already March and spring is knocking on my door! We had one of the coldest winters for some time. Snow fall was also generous. I drove to our local town of Garson, on their side road only to be reminded what […]

Manitobans Do Not Care where their Food Comes From…. Feb. 18th, 2013

On occasion a situation crosses my path that I simply cannot ignore, especially when it hits this close to home. I placed an ad in a local paper to sell off some excess eggs that our wee chickens flock was producing. Since taking possession of our farm years ago, we have taken pride in trying […]


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