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G.H. closed to all plant sales. HOWEVER ALL vegetables with seed remaining, will be available for sale till May 1st, 2014.

Outdoor/Indoor Vegetable Seeding Guide for Manitoba

Planting Guide for Manitoba Planting a vegetable garden is not hard, but without careful planning and proper follow through, your garden may perform poorly. Soil Preparation Soils should not be prepared for planting when too wet or too dry. If soil sticks to your shoes or shovel, it is too wet. Press a small amount […]

Genetically Engineered Foods Cross Canada Speakers’ Tour

Hi Everyone! I am very excited to announce the upcoming events occurring right here in Manitoba! Here is your chance to get some answers (straight from the horse’s mouth…so to speak) of where GE is at in your foods and what the “industry” is up to regarding your food safety and your personal health. I […]

Brandon Seedy Saturday 2014

Hi Everyone! Another grand event has returned, to help Manitoba gardeners warm up from the cold! And to help them gather their seeds once again, for spring planting. Brandon’s Seedy Saturday will be held April 5th, from 10 AM till 4 PM. Location: 327 8th Street¬† Brandon, MB @ the Central United Church. Please contact […]

Helter skelter…to a shelter! ….Jan. 5, 2014

OMG! I cannot remember weather like this! For the last 4 weeks, we here in Manitoba, have been experiencing some of the most severe cold temperatures I have ever seen. The last time I remember -38C and -40C was in the 60′s ! I can still hear the snow bank surface “crunching” under my boots […]

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